Desert’s Edge accepts Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reservations. Our regular rates include up to four (4) people and two (2) pets.

Each site rental also includes a concrete patio, picnic table, water, sewer, electricity, free wireless internet (up to 500 mb per device, per day) and cable. No cable TV, however, local channels are available with antenna.

An extra charge will be added for additional people and additional pets. We reserve the right to limit the number of people and pets in any RV.

Phoenix RV Campground

The RV Sites at Desert’s Edge RV Village are classified by size and location. Generally, the Economy sites accommodate smaller rigs and one vehicle. Some of the Basic and Classic sites also include small storage sheds. The Premium and Premium Deluxe sites generously accommodate big rigs and two vehicles.

Daily & Weekly RV Site Rates

Site Type
Good Sam
  • Must drive forward to park on site
  • Can leave tow vehicle attached
  • Fewer shrubs; no trees
  • Located among all daily/weekly stays
  • Must back the RV onto site
  • Must disconnect your RV from tow vehicle
  • More shrubs; trees, parking
  • Located among monthly sites

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Monthly RV Site Rates

Site Type
Monthly Rate By Day Average
Economy Site
(Rigs up to 26’)
Basic Site
(Rigs up to 32’)
Classic Site
(Rigs up to 36’)
Classic Deluxe Site
(Rigs up to 36’)
Premium Site
(Rigs up to 45’)
Premium Deluxe Site
(Rigs up to 45’)

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  • Notify the park within 30 days or more before arrival: $35 charge
  • Notify the park within 14 to 29 days before arrival: $100 charge
  • Notify the park in less than 14 days before arrival: No Refund
  • Cancellation of Daily or Weekly Reservations: No Refund

Special Events

  • Rates are subject to change during special events in the area.
  • You must pay in advance for your full stay when booking reservations.
  • There will be no refund for early departure.

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