Great Hiking Trails in Phoenix to Explore

October 10, 2019

Fall hiking & camping in Phoenix offers outdoor beauty, and a taste of Arizona history. Phoenix has been ranked as one of the best cities for hiking in the country by National Geographic. Though there are many amazing outdoor hikes to tackle.

We’ll focus on 3 great hiking trails in Phoenix

1. Papago Park

Enjoy a picturesque sunset stroll without scaling any heights. This trail is not only great for beginners and smaller children, it’s perfect for relishing the staggering beauty of rock buttes. In no time you’ll snap Instagram-worthy photos and savor nature’s splendor.

Papago Park is also popular for biking and running, and features the Phoenix Zoo. The ‘hole-in-the rock’ (just as it sounds-a big hole in the rocks) is prime real estate to “oooh & ahhh” at, so get an early start in order to stake claim to your ideal sunset-viewing spot.

2. Echo Canyon Trail

One of the most popular hiking spots in Phoenix is also one of the most difficult. The Echo Canyon Trail will demand a lot of effort, and sweat, from most hikers. It is only 1.23 miles to the summit of Camelback Mountain, but you’ll work for it.

You’ll ascend just over 1,200 feet, but trust us – the views are worth it!

3. White Tank Mountain Regional Park

For a glimpse of breathtaking natural beauty hike the White Tanks, just outside of Phoenix city limits. The White Tank Mountain Regional Park has everything from short day hikes to overnight backpacking adventures.

Hike the easy, one-mile Waterfall Trail after a good rain for views that will bring tears to your eyes. It’s that beautiful that you might actually cry. Also, be sure to check out the rock art, or ‘petroglyphs’, left behind by ancient Arizonans hundreds of years ago.

Deserts Edge RV Park is located close to the previously mentioned hiking trails in Phoenix. Book your stay now. Hiking and camping in Phoenix has never been better!

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